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Cattle Feed Chemicals
Offered Cattle Feed Chemicals are extensively applicable for Poultry Farms, Cattle Farms, and Animal Feeding divisions. These insure increased nutritional and noted as the totally digestible sources of nutrients. 
Agriculture Chemical
Offered Agricultural Chemicals are the chemical mediators, which are utilized to regulate crop-harming organisms or viruses. These are used to encourage or prevent the physiology of agricultural as well as many other products.
Copper Sulphate Powder
Copper Sulphate Powder is used as a fungicide, which is capable of adjusting to improved levels of copper ions. This serves as an agricultural concentrate that can control fungus on several agricultural productions.
Potassium Sulphate
Potassium Sulphate is an irorganic compound which is also known as dipottassium sulfate and having a molecular formula K2SO4. The physical appearance is crystal white. These compounds have a bitter taste and a very high boiling point of 1689 degree Celsius.
Fluoride Powder
Flouride Powder is white fine chemical which is used in various chemical reactions to form many compounds used in industrial applications. They are highly reactive and are available in its pure form.
Industrial Chemicals
Offered Industrial Chemicals have assorted physical properties and are normally active as the solvents as well as substances in chemical industry. These are applicative in the industries of medicine, chemicals, food etc.